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About Philip Watson

I have grown up and live in New Zealand - Aotearoa (the Land of the Long White Cloud), currently residing in Auckland, our largest city with a population around 2 million people. Around half of all New Zealanders live in Auckland. It is here that I can find the time to reflect on my faith and write.

It is the Bible and an intelligent and informed explanation of it's contents, that is the wind in the sails of the books I write. I am unashamedly evangelical or charismatic in my faith and my writings.

After finishing Theological College in New Zealand, I traveled to the Middle East to walk in the footsteps of Jesus, to glean a glimpse of the life he would have lived on this earth and soak in the ambiance of the world of Jesus and the glory of God's creations. This was for me a discovery of God and how important my Christian faith is for me, my family and my life.

I enjoy telling stories in my books, informing and educating you, the reader, on our journeys. The richness of the history of the biblical lands and the truth of the Bible has moved me to reach out in Discipleship Books Ministry, an ordinary person helping other ordinary people find their faith in Jesus Christ, our savior.

These books I have put on Amazon are the culmination of 20 years of research, discovery and worship in the Christian Church. In many ways, these books map my journey as a Christian coming to grips with the meaning of being a true follower of Christ, and how to be the best disciple of Jesus I can be.

I pray that these insights I reveal in my books can create the same positive enlightenment in you as they have in me.


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